.22JGR Cartridge and/or Rifle Chambered For It

Am searching for whatever information someone may have on, what appears to be two rare items, a cartridge, the .22-JGR, originally manufactured by Jiger Arms Ltd., Toronto, Canada, and a rifle chambered for that cartridge. The rifle in question is a Sportco Model 66-D(??); can find nothing in major gun books about Sportco’s firearms. Am at present in possession of what I beleive is only one of 200 originally manufactured; serial number bears out the limited production. Any thoughts, or guidance to a reputable source for me to contact regarding the two subjects is appreciated. Thank you for any assistance.


This just reappeared a few threads down. I see the round in ones and twos periodically.

In France trials were made by GIAT to use this round in the new family of assault weapons (like P90, and so on).
Here is a very scarce steel dummy made by Manhurin.
Hstp 22 JGR written with a laser on the base

This Manurhin dummy is quite interesting; it supports a statement made in a 1961 JGR Gunsports, Ltd price list that Manurhin was one of many companies that had shown interest in the cartridge.

Sounds like an interesting method of applying a headstamp, any chance of a photo?

I have wondered before why lasers are not used more for headstamps, as they can be computer programmed to cut almost any shape. Just as I finished high school they were installing a laser cutter that could be used to cut and engrave materials such as Perspex and MDF, you could also engrave on certain metals. This thing cost