22lr boxes from SBR - soon I hope

For the 22 collectors, here is a recent pic from the SBR website that shows some early production SRVT, ERVT, and DIM-IR 22lr tracers (in hi-vel or subsonic) and their corresponding boxes. I have been waiting for these for a while. Honestly, where else can you get Dim infra-red 22lr tracers…? They are not available yet, but the website says “coming soon”.

Good morning sir.

I’d like two boxes of each, please! :-)

After being listed for at least 2 years on their website as “coming soon”, SBR ammo has finally added buttons to add items to cart for their .22 tracer varieties. I hear they are still 3 months out like many ammo places, but they are a reputable company and I have had good dealings with them:

I was also sad to see that on SBR’s website that several excellent flavors of .458 SOCOM (using Barnes solid copper projos) are now restricted to LE/MIL only, listed with ‘ban by ATF’. Not surprising, but ridiculous. They haven’t banned solids in bolt/double rifle calibers…but that wouldn’t surprise me either.

Any standard .458SC load is a practical threat to various types of armor, as is a majority of popular centerfire rifle ammo. I recall a similar restriction was issued against Barnes .22cal solids (marketed to varminters as low-damage rounds when going for pelts), ostensibly due to it’s adaptation as a pill for the 5.7x28mm cartridge.

Sorry for the diversion but I thought it was worth noting in an SBR thread.

Yeah, that whole issue with .458 SOCOM is absurd, there is no “pistol” to chamber it. I believe when SBR sas “ban by ATF” what they are referring to is just a supply problem from Barnes. The ATF did nothing to ban any of the Banded Solids in brass being manufactured from Barnes, but after they seized a lot of stuff from Elite Ammunition last year in 5.7x28, and declared that 5.7x28 loaded with banded solids was “AP”, Barnes decided to yank nearly the whole product line of banded solids projectiles in various calibers.

Well, it only took them 3 days of having it listed as available (for pre-order / backorder) and now they are all listed as N/A, and their entire site’s inventory is listed as not available for backorder with a message on the homepage. Wild times these are… unfortunately.

Just an update on these - I called today to see where my order from January was at, and I was told that online orders quickly exceeded their supply, and that CCI (their brass supplier for .22lr) cancelled a shipment to them because CCI needed to keep all the brass they could to fill their own orders on through 2014. So SBR does not expect to get .22lr tracers loaded until 2014…

As a consolation prize I did convince them to send me some empty boxes at least.