.22LR Hstp question


I have another .22 LR ID question. Brass case, Hstp: See picture shown. Am I right in thinking that this is Fiocchi?


My first thought is Federal; the Fiocchi rimfire headstamps I’ve seen have a stylized “GF” (Guilio Fiocchi) or a small “f” serif letter that looks like an “s”.


Definitely Federal Cartridge Company.



Thanks. This case came from an inert WW1 German 7.92 that I pulled with my new puller, as it needed no rattler recause it had a struck primer. A new .22 Hstp I didn’t even know I had for about a year!! Well, the 7.92 may have had an unstruck primer at one stage, but some idiot has tried to set it off with a phillips screwdriver, leaving a distinctive cross shaped mark.



I’ve been informed privately by a gentleman whose knowledge and expertise far exceeds my own that this might be a post-1990 Bulgarian round. Where I’ve never seen that headstamp, I would modify my previous reply to say it “appears” to be a Federal loading to me and throw this back to the floor for further discussion!



A Pre-1900 round would be interesting, but this case looks too new.


Falcon–Unless it is miss-drawn, I don’t think it is Federal. All the Federal “F” headstamps that I have seen have a serif on the righthand ends of the top and middle bars. I also doubt if it is WW-I era as brass cases were not used on most .22’s until after about 1925. I am not familiar with the Bulgarian round that was mentioned above, so I can not comment on that. I have never seen an Fiocchi case with that style of “F” either.


Falcon, is the case copper or brass? Am assuming it is an impressed hds. The way the hds is drawn is the circle the case rim or a circle around the F? Kass rimfire hds list does show any Federal “F” without serfs on the bottom of the vertical or top and center bars. Looked at all my F hds rimfires in my catalog 22 and up and do not see one like that. That is minus serfs.


Brass case, impressed hstp, circle is case rim.


Falcon, 1990 NOT 1900. M. Rea


Ah…90 years out. I was reading/replying in a hurry.