.22LR mystery ammo

Me and the family went went hiking/picnicking the San Gabriel Mountains, north of los Angeles. We hiked about 2 hours in and stopped of

f by a little sandy area of the river. We ate, let the kids play in the water while the Mrs. and I found some boulders to sit on. I jumped up and had a seat and started looking around for spiders or scorpions etc. As I looked down I found 2 plastic trays of .22LR in between some roots and the boulder I was sitting on. They were covered in webs and the brass was heavily patinaed. I couldn’t find any info on these and its driving me nuts.

Yugoslavia! By Valor, which was imported into to the U.S. years ago.

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Dude! Thank you! It was seriously driving me crazy. It’s what lead me here. This might start a collection of ammunition.

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Brian, it was made by “Pobjeda Technology Goražde d.d.” of Goražde (Bosnia Herzegovina).
The hs is standard still today in all sort of packings.

“Valor” was made for “Valor Corporation” of Miami, FL (USA). But without packing material it is hard to tell if the round above was related to a “Valor” contract (or inside one of tehir boxes).