22lr steel lacquered cases


i have a russian box of 22lr with steel lacquered cases
my bow is white with black and red writing
i would if other box exist with these steel cases
thank for your responses


lots of other Russian boxes with steel cases exist.


Ammogun, could you post a photo of that box and the cartridges?


I agree - I have seen lots of different .22 boxes holding steel-cased rounds. If you have a chronograph, you might try it with some of the Russian steel-cased loads. The velocity is substantially less than almost anyone’s brass cased rounds. I’ve seen velocities in the 800-900 fps range, and from a rifle.

I have an old Remington 514 single shot bolt action rifle that loves the Russian .22 steel ammo. It shoots better groups with it than it does with anything else. Also it functions better, as it extracts the steel cases reliably. It does not extract brass cases so well, and often I have to pick out empties with a knife point. Therefore, the only thing I shoot in it is the Russian steel-cased .22s.


there the picture of the box and rounds

i cannot trying to fire them because is my only box with steel cases and is extremely difficult to find them in france


Here’s a few Russian boxes with steel cases from my collection.


thank for the picture
the green and red box show a copper washed steel case ?


Oops, I made a mistake. I just did a search in my database for Russian boxes and forgot to look at the case material. Four of these are actually brass cases. The three Vostok boxes and the green and red box are brass. The other three are steel. Sorry.


The latest type of the USSR box with 22LR with steel cases datted 1989. In 1991 USSR became CIS


do you have picture of these late cartridges ?


Here it is:


thank for the picture
i think i haven’t eyesight problems but the bullet look through (i have the same problem with a 408 cheytac with through bullet)