:22LR Winchester "Pistol .22"

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some questions about the .22LR Winchester “Pistol .22” cartridges, those with black boxes with Pistol .22 printings in yellow as in the image below.


Could you tell me if this type of ammo was manufactured only in Australia?..Could you tell me too when the production of such ammo started and when it was stopped?

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I shot this ammunition in the 1980’s in a Walther GSP and it was quite accurate but not as much recoil as the T22 ammunition. I have a Winchester catalogue somewhere with the ballistics etc. but no idea where I filed it now. I thought it was Aussie only and not made 2000’s. Sorry nothing on exact date.
History will possibly be in the Winchester .22 book by Donaldson and T.Warnock update??

The 22 Box ID by Roger Heugel list these as Winchester Australia ( https://www.wardscollectibles.com/22-box-id/ ).

I found the book with shotshell and rimfire specifications and a 500 round box.

500 Box Pistol

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