.22LR with FMJ?

I was digging through some stuff and found an odd .22LR with a round-nosed FMJ bullet. It is not plated. The case is brass with a “W” headstamp. Is there any significance or value to this FMJ loading?

It sounds like a typical M24 FMJ .22 cartridge, although I’m not sure about the “W” headstamp. All I’ve seen were Remington loaded and with the “U” headstamp.

Unless I’m not picking up on a scarce variation, I don’t think they are particularly scarce or valuable as single specimens. But box lots are quite desirable and hard to find. Here’s a link to my want ad looking for such boxes with a couple photos. I’d guess values at about $1 each but haven’t bought a single in a while.


Sorry, my mistake, it has a “U” headstamp.
Thanks for the info.