23х115 Smoke

Does anyone have any information about cartridges 23x115 with smoke projectile?

No smoke round listed in the info I have. There are chaff and flare rounds listed.

Hopefully someone else has better info.


I also have no information, but they do exist.:)

Very nice round! Not sure what specific information are you looking for, but this loading is designated “D” (д), which is the Cyrillic initial for “Smoke” (дым) as marked on the projectile body. Can you show a picture of its headstamp?

Of course. Not anything special there.:)

There is a photo of the section of the shell (but not mine).

Hi Slayer,

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Are you familiar with the nature and use of the Soviet 23mm “PRL” chaff-expelling (anti-radar) round?

The 23mm “D” Smoke shell was used together with these PRL chaff rounds to indicate to the aircraft crew approximately where the chaff payload was ejected. However, it is still unclear if the “D” shell was only used in training missions or during combat missions as well.
The projectile is supposed to consist of a conventional steel body with a closed base. It is filled with a pyrotechnic smoke composition that is ignided by the time fuze in the nose. The fuze is activated upon firing of the round and is ejected from the nose of the shell after 5-8 seconds - at the same time igniting the smoke filler.

If this magnificent round is yours, could you provide the stamped-in markings on the fuze please (in Cyrillic letters, if possible)?
As well, could you post close-up photos of the fuze please?

According to Soviet sources the tip of this fuze is supposed to be green - however, your specimen seems to be black coloured? Is the fuze made from aluminium and has a black lacquer varnish, or is the fuze body made from steel and just phosphatized (gun-blued steel)?


Hi Chris
Thank you :)
Yes familiar with the PRL. This is unfortunately the training cartridge. Hallmarks only on the body of the projectile, instead of fuse balisticheskie sleeve (BV) are made of steel and painted black. At the tip of the firing blaster is painted green on a half less than the long IR shells and body shell is painted like on OFZ.

Slyaer, you meant to say that this is a dummy as all of the known specimen. No life cartridges were observed in the past and believed to be remaining components which were used up in production of dummies.

The life smoke shell used the Л-23 fuze.