The cartridge case MP-6 or a variant of VYa-23.


From the dates on the hstps, 1940 or 41, and the morphology of the case bases, these cartridges are undoubtly VyA 23.



Philippe, I thought that these 23x152 unbelted cases were unique to the MP-6 cannon; were these used in early stages of the VYa-23 cannon too?

Right Fede, the first cases made were unbelted, as MP-6 but it seems that the positioning of the cartridge in the chamber was not perfect, probably due toi its length, so a small belt was added, which was adopted with the later VyA-23 gun.

The question remains: until when the unbelted cartridge was made?


Nudelman writes in his book that the momentum of forward movement was too high for the rimless case and that the belt was added to receive and compensate the forces.