.23 caliber bullet?

I had someone contact me who had several boxes of Sisk .237 hollow point bullets. He indicated they were in another box that was marked 23-270; I don’t know if this might indicate that the box was labeled as a recepticle for .23 through .270 caliber bullets, or if it indicated the bullets were for a .23-270 cartridge. I don’t recall hearing of either a .237 bullet or a .23-270 cartridge. Have I just led a sheltered life, free of the evil influences of wildcatters and other ne’er-do-wells??


It could be all of the above, or none of the above.

Sisk did make some .237 bullets, as did other custom bullet makers of the time. There are a few guys who make them today. Many moons ago several States passed hunting regulations that prohibited 22 cal for big game hunting so some shooters simply switched to 23. There were several wildcats of 23 caliber but they were really nothing more than existing 22 wildcats necked up a little. I have 4 or 5 in my collection. I don’t have a 23/270 but somebody must have tried it at one time.

After a while, playing games with the lawmakers got boring and so the 23 cal died the death that it deserved.

I’d grab the box if it’s for sale or trade. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it. Sisk bullets of any type are good collectibles.

ne’er-do-well Ray

Thanks for the info - I was not aware of the .22 caliber regulations. I’ll see if I can get us a couple of boxes of these little bullets. My Sisk collection is slowly expanding. I picked up a box of his .22 hollow points a couple of weeks ago. All I had to that point were full metal jacketed.


Sisk also made .227 bullets for the Ackley magnums. I doubt if the guy misread the box label, but it is possible. But, the 227 bullets are hard to find also so they’d be collectible as well.

I have about 30 boxes of Sisk bullets. Something I don’t have are any of his 6mm bullets. If you ever see any, grab them, pronto.

I always thought that the ban on 22 cal for big game hunting was a good idea. I think that most of the guys who went to 23 caliber were more interested in screwing with the lawmakers than they were in actually shooting deer with a 22.