230 Platz-Patronen form RWS

I have some blank cartridges identified as 230 Platz-Patronen (RWS), what king of use and what sort of guns used this ammunition?

Hi, I have several boxes of this ammo, also from the live ones.
It was used till the 30thies in small-sized Revolvers of many different kinds.
You can find more info in the ALFA 1911 catalogue. From page 136 to page 173 it shows a large amount of Revolvers, mayn of them you could order in any caliber you wished to have. Most of them where Cheapies, but some where better constructed. The ammo is pictured on page 175 (the Blanks you have)…the live on is pictured on page 176 (underneath the 5mm Bergmann rimmed -commonly known under 5mm Pickert…a Revolver who does not exist. I found sofar only Revolvers from Pickert of 6,35 and 7,65mm, for which Fiocchi made tha ammo in the very past.
Your cartridge had at that time -1911- a price of 33,60Marks for 1000 rounds…