.236 U.S.N. Rimmed

I know the background and use of the 6mm U.S.N. but what about the rimmed version? What gun/guns was it used in?

If we talk about the same gun :

In the Lee Straight Pull Sporting rifl made by Winchester
5 shots of 236 (6.5 mm)
24 Inch round barrel
wieght 7 1/2 pounds
Price 32 $ in 1897

It shoots metal patched soft point bullets ctges loaded with smokeless powder.
Penetration of a 7/16 inch steel plate at a distance of 100 feet

.236" x 25.4 = 5.9944 or 6mm…

Winchester single shot was made in 236 rim.

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You’re right. I am seing less and less !!


In Mar. 1895 USN received 30000 rounds .236 rim to test in machine guns so one MG was made in this cal. Gatling?

The MG trials were probably for the Model 1895 Colt-Browning “potato digger” which was later adopted in 6mm USN rimless. However I have not verified that with any contemporary source.

here is the gun I was talking about (july 1897)


THe Lee straight pull was made to use the rimless ctg. The rimless ctg was originally called the 236 and so headstamped.

I am very confused.

In the other post you said :

  1. Rifle was designed by Lee, adopted by the USN and production contracted to Winchester.
    Which one ? (Rimless or rimmed ctge ?)

2)Sporting rifle production started after first USN contract was complete.
Does it mean sporting rifle production started after the first Navy contract but before Navy ordered another contract? (it was my question of the other post)
This mean we can have the same gun at the same time for two uses :
one commercial and one military ??

In this post
3)If I undesrtand well the gun shown in the advertising is for the 6 mm rimless, isn’t it ?


  1. Production USN Lee was for rimless ctg.
    2)Serial number 1-10000 USN contract
    " " 10001-15000 commercial production of sporters and navy style rifles for sale to other than USN
    15000-20000 second USN contract
  2. Rifle in 1897 ad is in 6mm rimless also called 236 rimless. Sporting rifles were stamped .236 USN on the barrel.


It is a little confusing. In order to simplify this, use the term

Thank you very much !

They have made an advertising about armor piercing properties for the civilain market !
For which use ???
Animals had already bullet proof protectionsjackets in the US in 1897 ?? (:

To confuse matters even more you will find 4 MAJOR variations of the 6mm / .236 Lee.
The Rimmed case is found with the 6mm shoulder and with the .236 shoulder.
The Rimless case is found with the 6mm shoulder and with the .236 shoulder.
Add to that the headstamp is sometimes ‘wrong’ for the shoulder so it can really get INSANE when you add the mix of both U.M.C.Co. and W.R.A.Co. as manufacturers

David McKay:

Thanks for the added info from H.W.S.

You say the 6mm Navy Lee was not used in the Boxer Rebellion. Here is a picture from the National Archives titled

Hi Phil
Sorry but can’t tell from your scans as shoulders look pretty much the same on both. The 236 shoulder is longer & the 6mm shorter, more modern looking. Perhaps you can see a difference when you hold them side-by-side?
Next time your up. or at the show in Feb.?