23mm BZA cartridge GRAU code



i’m posting this question here as well, i hope someone can shed some light.

I’m looking for the GRAU code (if there is such code) of this 23mm BZA (API) cartridge for the AM-23 and Gsh-23 cannons. I’ve looked it up in the GRAU index that contains every other cartridge for these guns, but not this one.
Has the cartridge been withdrawn? Or was it made only for export?

Any help would highly appreciated



To my understanding the BZ-A was adopted by the Soviet air force as it is described in their manuals.


I haven’t seen soviet manuals only Hungarian. So if it is in the soviet inventory why doesn’t it have a GRAU code?


It sure has one but the indexes wer enever meant to be published at all. So I assume it here for one or the other reason just did not happen.

The indexes are not neccessariliy “GRAU” (main artillery directorate) but here should be air force if so (“VVS”).


I wasn’t accurate when i referred the file i’m using as the GRAU list. It contain’s many more index groups like the VVS. The cartridges are in that section with the exception of BZA.

You can find the file here: