23mm Projectile

  • There is an interesting, inert 23mm projectile almost 4-in tall [101mm]. It has an unmarked copper rotating band and a ballistic cap crimped in place in order to reduce drag. The projectile bottom has a flat surface with no hole for the tracer compound. The only mark is “8/64” painted with white and the tip is also painted in white. I was told this 23mm projectile is of Czech manufacture for the 23X115 rimless round [not for the 23X152B round]. —> My picture from below [somebody will post it here soon] shows from left to right: fired 23X115 rimless brass shell case of Czech manufacture with impressed headstamp “dtp” over “56”; the 23mm projectile described above; .30-06 dummy round for comparison [at right]. —> QUESTIONS: Is this an AP-projectile??? Is it really of Czech manufacture??? What is the meaning of the white marking “8/64”??? I’m interested in any info about this projectile. Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 11/09/07

Liviu’s photo

  • @ sksvlad: Thanks for posting my photo! The photo looks huge but this is good because anyone can see very well how the ballistic cap is crimped in place. Liviu 11/09/07

It is a Czech TP projectile.