23x152 rounds with large primer

today i found a internet picture showing 23x152b rounds but with a more larger primer (compared with the finger of guy)

do you know what these rounds ?

The red PA is just deceiving, these are regular sized primers.

by comparing pictures with municion.org ,i m sure that not the PA but the primer is more large
a “standard” primer of this cartridge is equal to half of my nail but if you enlarge the picture you can see that the primer equal his entire nail

i try to search another version of this picture but cannot find
the picture came from this site

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Like Alex said, the primer looks wider than normal because the PA makes it look flat, where it underneath the PA is rounded along its edge. It’s typical with thick, semitransparent PA lacquer to make the primer look wider and flatter than it is.


so the guy would be half of my size because his nail dimensions is close to the primer dimension

Try not to get misslead.

I took the one round marked here and compared it to a standard one as we all know it.
See yourself.

thank for your responses
i need new glasses