23x152B Case Manufacturer ID

I have a brass 23x152B fired Case headstamped “606” at 12 O’Clock, and date “BC-77” at 6 O’Clock. There is also a strange marking at 3 O’Clock resembling a vertical dash between the 2 dots of a colon. This headstamp is raised within the central indented circle as with 14.5x114mm headstamps. I am told brass 23x153B Cases with post WW2 dates were used in a subcalibre training device, which gun was it used with? What country and arsenal does this case originate from? Unfortunately some idiot took a hand drill to the primer. Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: Took headstamp photo earlier, thought I may as well post it for future reference. I had to leave it quite big so it can be clearly seen.

Falcon, your’s is a 23x152B VYa-23 aircraft gun case which was produced long after the gun has been taken out of service but it’s cartridges remained for the sub caliber barrels (or better barrels were made for these cartridges after stocks vere there?). After the life cartridges from WWII stock (and shortly after) were used up or became expired new cartridges were made only for the subcaliber barrels. These had intert projectiles (AP shape) and had that “BC” (“VS” in latin) in the head stamp.
(I have no official document for the “BC” but it would fit the Russian abbreviation for “subcaliber barrel” - just a theory.)

606 is “NKB Kemerovo”

Thanks EOD. What gun was the 23mm sub-calibre barrel used with?

Tank guns and likely AT guns.

Your case likely has been demilled, hence the removed anvil in the primer pocket and the trace of the firing pin of the automatic primer popper which is used often in such operations.

That would make sense as there are no ejection/extraction marks on the rim.

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