23x152B Dummy manufacturer ID

Can anyone confim the nationality and manufacturer of this 23x152B Dummy? It is a steel case, painted black. It has two sets of two holes drilled at around 2" and 3.5" from the case head at 90 degrees to eac other.

The projectile appears to be a solid one piece turned steel HE type (minus filling) with an aluminium dummy nose fuse. The projectile and fuse have no markings of any kind. The steel rod screws into the base of the projectile, the bade ofthe dummy fuse can be sen through the hole if the rod is unscrewed.

The headstamp appears to be “184 70” which would indicate the Russian State Factory in the Kazan region. However I cannot say 100% sure that it is “184” a the bottom of it has been removed when the primer pocket was bored out to accomodate the screw head of the steel rod.

This dummy isvery well used, and looks to have been disposed of as it is dented at the shoulder and the rim is damaged.

Side View showing holes:

Case Head showing ?184 70 Headstamp:

Threaded steel rod unsrewed:

The Finns made these from fired Russian cases. Same as they made blanks from.

  • @ Falcon: Yes, the 23X152B shell case maker’s code is “184” [Zelenodolsk Factory Associates] from the former USSR. The two digit date seems to be “70” [1970]. Normally the headstamp markings also show small quality control stamps but your 23X152B shell case head is well used and hit. Liviu 02/22/08

So is this definitely Finnish or possibly Russian?


  • @ Falcon: The 23X152B shell case is of Russian manufacture. It was fired and later modified in Finland to be a dummy round. Liviu 02/23/08

Thanks for your help everyone.

Is this a drill round or armourer’s tool dummy? Did Finland buy job lots of fired cases in whatever calibre they needed from Russia to reload as blanks and dummies? Which Finnish Arsenal would have done the conversion work?

This is a regular drill round. The Finns first fire their life rounds and then rework the cases to what ever they need.

Thanks, would the projectile and steel rod be Finnish or Russian made?