23x152B ID

I have a fired. lacquered steel, Soviet 23x152B case with the following headstamp:

184 at 12 o’clock

55 at 3 o’clock (small numbers)

70 at 6 o’clock

A at 9 o’clock

I know 184 is the factory code (where?) and 70 is the year, but what about the other elements? They are different sizes and font styles. Do they represent who loaded the case besides “184” or the load type maybe?


184: POZIS in Zelenodolsk (Kazan region)

The stamps beside on 12h and 6h are sinpector marks or as the Russians say “technological marks”.

  • @ AKMS: The headstamp markings for your 23X152B steel case manufactured in 1970 must be impressed [not raised like in early WW2 dated 23X152B brass cases]. The maker’s mark “184” is a very common Russian ammo manufacturer, “Zelenodolsk Factory Associates”, like it is mentioned above. Those markings stamped at various positions [other than 12 and 6 o’clock] can be numbers or Cyrillic letters [or both] having the meaning mentioned above by “EOD”. If you’ll sell that fired 23X152B shell case, I may be interested if the steel case has no bad rust on the outside. Liviu 04/09/07

Thank you for the information gentlemen. The case is not for sale, as it is a souvenir of my overseas service.