23x152B Question

Hi, gentlemen!
A couple of days ago I’d paid a visit to my friend - a gunbroker in my favorite gun store. He showed me a 23x152B cartridge, which, I suppose, was API, judging by the shell shape. But the shell was rusty and its point color marking was long gone. I wish to ask, if there is someone familiar with this type of rounds, is there a possibility to tell API from, say, TP (which is very similar in shape) without destroing the windcap?
The stamp on the shell body was 15-33 in double circle-85П
The headstamp on the steel case was - 12 o’clock: 87, 6 o’clock: * (six point asterisk).


The only difference between API-T and TP-T (in AP shape) will be the color marking on the tip.
Yellow for the API-T and green for the TP-T.
The TP-T should have a flat projectile body below the wind shield and a soft steel body.

Thank you very much for the reply! I suppose this one was API-T, because on the point of the projectile had left some light color traces, definitely not green, but I can’t say was it yellow or other.

Is there a chance to determine the country of origin? The headstamp tells me nothing but, eventually, the year of manufacture.

Back there in the early 90-ties a friend of mine showed me one round with the shape of API-T 23x152B, but the color of the tip was neither yellow nor green, it was silver. Unfortunatelty, at this time it didn’t come to my mind to look at the base of the cartridge case and to see the headstamp.

Now I’m wandering what was that silver tip round? Is it possibe some com-block or other country, which produced this type of ammo at that time to use different color code? Is it possibe that the round was produced for some sort of subcaliber device for tank or other use? Just curious…


Your’s here is made in Bulgaria by ARCUS.

I have seen those silver tips on Bulgarian cartridges before but have no verified ID for these.

What a pitty! Let’s hope someone already had examined those silvertip rounds and that he’ll share some info.
EOD, thanx a lot again!