23x152B Soviet projectile type and maker ID

I bought this mint 23x152B Soviet factory dummy, what projectile type is it fitted with? The headstamp is: “89” at 12 O’Clock and a 6 (definitely 6 not 5) pointed star at 6 O’Clock, or it could be The star above “68”. Where was this made, and is it 1989 or 1968? The projectile is marked: “42-[33 in double concentric circle]-81П”

I will speculate that this is a Bulgarian made dummy cartridge. Back in 1989 or so the factory at Kazanluk (sp?) made a set of dummy cartridges from 5.45x39mm up to the 23mm. These were made to look like live rounds, except that they had inert primers and no powder. Interestingly enough, the tracer projectiles were “live”. The “33” in a “double circle” also sounds like a Bulgarian style of marking. On many ammunition items made there, the factory code can be found in a double circle. The “10” code used by Kazanluk is often found this way on ammunition cans and crates and other items. Just a guess though as I am not a big caliber guy at all. It is a nice and minty looking specimen though!


AKMS, I agree with you.

Thanks for the info. Are you saying this proj is a tracer?

  • The 23X152B ammo was manufactured at the “Kazanlak Arsenal” from Bulgaria, see here at —> arsenal-bg.com/history.htm The Bulgarian factory code “10” inside of a double circle is stamped also un some blued steel clips for the 7.62X54R ammo and it can be seen on the grips of the new style AK-74 Bulgarian bayonet having a spear style pointed blade [not the Bowie type blade]. Liviu 01/27/08

Basically it yhould be an API-T (yellow tip) or a TP-T (green tip). For both the markings are insufficient. Likely due to the “dummy” status.

Thanks for the info everyone. Can anyone say for certain on the markings?

I bought a matching HE dummy off the same person. Case and headstamp are identical, photo of projectile is shown below if anyone is interested. Markings are:

Projectile Body: [33 In 2 concentric circles]-93И

Fuse: MГ-25 [33 In 2 concentric circles]

Falcon, this one should have a white band in the centre of the projectile. Seems they did not care much when they made the dummies.

You are right, I looked on the Russian ammunition page and noticed that it is in fact a TP-T and should have a white band on the projectile. The API is probably also a TP-T, and should have a green tip. Maybe leaving the markings off was done on purpose to differentiate them from live rounds.