24,5x97mm further info, please

hello guys, I hope you all are safe and sound. our spanish-speaking forum is looking for further info related to this cartridge, I would also thank a lot if you can send me a photo of any gun that used it. I hope not to interrupt you. Thanks in advance. Ado-

1" Gatling by G

There’s a picture of the M1865 1" Gatling here ( tri.army.mil/LC/CS/csa/gat1865.jpg ), but it’s a trademarked image, according to the site. You’ll notice that these used a large feed chute to gravity-feed the rounds, instead of the Broadwell or Accles drum styles they used on the later smaller-calibre models. HTH.

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I am sure you already have all the drawings about case, bullet and so on.
Here is a drawing showing special loadings.
I hope it will interest you.
PS : Have you any scans of south american catalogues showing shotshells ?

According to Rbt. Buttweiler’s research this coiled round which has been called a one inch Nordenfeldt for many years is in fact made by Gevelot and is 1 inch Gatling. This information and the drawn case with Gevelot headstamp can be found in the Buttweiler Archive DVD.

He covers this topic in his catalogue.

This is the original drawing of the one inch published in the Army and Navy Journal in the 1800s.

This is the drawn 1 inch case and a one inch Nordenfeldt. The Chinese “Wall guns” could chamber both.

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