243 Wade Anyone know anything about it?


Sorry about the poor image, it may be sunny out but it’s also only 3 above zero (F) and windy

It looks to me as if they convex radiused the shoulder, and gained a little neck length?
I’d be interested in knowing who came up with it, and where they are located (trying to help the rifles new owner)


A guy named Wade?


FC 242 WIN [color=#800000]???[/color][color=#008000]???[/color]



Taken from P O Ackley’s Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders Vol 1 there was/is a Wade’s Gun Room of Phoenix, Arizona and Fred Wade did make some Wildcats the 2 mentioned in the book are the 7mm Wade Super Seven & .300 Wade Magnum.


Thanks, that fits/helps as the owner is/was in the Phoenix area (he’s in the process of moving to northern AZ). Now to see if Wade’s gunroom is still around/anyone (new owners/family) knows more details

That photo isn’t that fuzzy, it’s FC 243 Win



If you’ll look in Ackley Vol I on the same page as the Wade Super Seven, you’ll see another wildcat with that unusual shoulder. (Gradle) And another on the next page too.

Ackley Vol I was written in 1962 and any of the gunmakers listed are probably long gone by now.

Did you ever get a chance to check out the SMc cartridges?

Tell that guy to stay in PHX. “Northern” AZ is already crowded enough. Unless he’s a shooter. ;)



Yes, I looked at the SMc line, and forwarded your missive on the the original questioner.
I didn’t think that the creator would still be around, but that his family might be (and hopefully know something about it).
The package that my sample arrived in, showed a Flagstaff return address, and as he is trying to locate information that we can’t speak of on this board, I suspect that he is a shooter.

For those that want to find the Ackley references mentioned above, they are on page(s) 396-8 and 443 of the 1970 printing


Tailgunner, I was born and raised in Phx AZ (now live in northern Az, Ray, and I am a shooter) and I’m 50 years old and Wade’s Gun Room was before my time, or at least it closed up before I knew what a gun store was. The only info that I know of is that little bit in Ackley’s book.


Bob, I have a 7mm Gradle Express cartridge that I got in St. Louis from Mr. Holm. It has the radius shoulder and is made from a .348 Winchester case with the rim turned off. I also have another cartridge just like the 7mm but it is a 6.5mm. Also made from a .348 Winchester case. Next time you are here I will show them to you or I can bring them to you next time I’m over that way.