25-20 Single Shot

I have a 25-20 single shot with the following h/s U.M.C. 25-20 with a flat copper primer, with the standard 86 gr. flat nose lead bullet. The case is bright Nickel plated, would this be a Proof round or a case that was made for handloaders.
Thank You Carolyn


Nobody else wants to take a shot at this, so I will.

I think the early UMC and Rem-Umc proof rounds used blackened cases rather than tinned or nickled. At least that is my experience. So, yours is probably just nickled for sales purposes. A lot of the early cases were.

Now, somebody can jump in and tell me I’m wrong. ;)


I know that with these single-shot rifle cartridges that were popular with match shooters of the day, there were cases designed to be easily cleaned of black-powder fouling - not so easily corroded - that were called “Ever-lasting.” I don’t know if the .25-20 SS mentioned is one of them or not. They were, as pointed out, designed to increase their reloadability. Some “group shooters” used only one case per group, marked on the base so it could be indexed into the chamber in the identical position every time. Harry Pope used this method at times and set some long-lasting records this way. Of course, his own marksmanship, his high quality barrels, and his choice of rifle actions (often Winchester High Wall SS rifles - a truly great rifle) help just a little! :-)