.25-20 SS Brass with Head Stamp JI

I can’t identify head stamp JI ??

That’s Jamison brass (Captech). They made that brass for about a year or two, around 2011.

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Thanks. I couldn’t I.D. the JI head stamp. Is there any collector interest in this .25-20 SS JI ?

Yes I could use one.
Let me know via an message from my logo above, or send an e-mail.

They also made a .25-20 SS basic case (un-necked) before this case was introduced (noted in 2010).

I could go for half a dozen, depending on price. xph2usn@yahoo.com or PM me.

Buffalo Arms, the mail & internet retailer from Sandpoint, Idaho, sells single samples (new & unprimed empties) of many types of boutique cartridges. They cater to the Cowboy Action shooters, to black powder shooters in general, and to those who shoot old single shots. They even have some empties for Brit double rifles. Their phone & e-mail staff are well-informed retired men. You can ask for some oddities and they may come through. They carried JI & Captech products.

They came through with a .450/500 3 1/4" thin rim for me.