25-20 Win or 25-20 Single Shot?


Having a little difficulty identifying the difference between the 22-25 Win (WCF) and the 25-20 Single Shot. Is it case length? Can you tell from the photos which is which? Or are they both the same?




The 25-20 single shot is a very different cartridge, it is also known as the 6.5 x 41R Tesching. The case length of the 25-20 marlin is about 33 mm long. What you have shown is, I believe a variation of loading from different manufactors.


Not a expert on these, but IIRC the 25-20 SS is a straight wall cartridge.
Both of those are 25-20 Win (one being the higher pressure HV loading)



I have never heard of a 22-25 WCF. Both of the cartridges you pictured are 25-20 WCF, one being a HV loading.

The 25-20 Single Shot is an old cartridge from the late 1800s. It was one of the first, if not the first, CF cartridge to be wildcatted. The photo below shows the 25-20 WCF, the 25-20 Single Shot, and the first wildcat, the 22-20-55 Harwood Hornet. In the early 1900s the 25-20 SS case was wildcatted to the 22-3000 Lovell (very similar to the Harwood Hornet) which became one of the most popular varmint cartridges of the pre WW II era.



Vic, Tailgunner and Ray,

Guys you make it so simple! Thanks! The comparsion photo says “one picture is worth a thousand etc!” I had looked up the version(s) in “Cartridges of the World” but the photos are poor (or my eyesight is!"

But all is clear to me now.