25-35 ammunition question


I have been studying this grand old cartridge and have visited Witzel’s excellent site. He lists only one varient of Remington manufactured 117 grain hollow point ammo. I have been searching unsucsessfully for a box of ammunition either for sale or for viewing that might shed some light on this round. I am curious if this bullet was their standard early mushroom bullet or was it a mushroom Cor- Lokt. I have a small handfull of these and have used 2 of these to take an antelope. I just dont know how to list the few I have. Does anyone have a box of these to post a photo, or know when they were produced? Thanks as always.


The new Remington Mushroom bullet was introduced in 1922, which included the 25-35. The 1925 catalog lists the 117 grain HP and the Hi-Speed 87 grain HP for the 25-35. The Core-Lokt came about in 1939.


Remchester–Winchester introduce the .25-35 Win. in 1895. UMC does not list it in their 1895 catalog. My next UMC catalog is 1899 which lists a 117gr. SP and a 86gr. Lead, Short Range. In 1901 UMC added a 117gr. Metal Cased loading. Rem-UMC continued to list these 3 loads through at least 1919. My next catalog is 1923. That catalog no longer lists the 86gr. Lead Short Range, but adds the Hi-Speed 87gr. Mushroom. My next catalog is 1929 and lists the 117gr, MC, 117gr. SP, 87gr. Mushroom and adds the 117gr. Express Mushroom. Only these four loads were loaded through 1939 when the 117gr. Core-Lokt Mushroom was introduced. In 1940 the 117gr. Core-Lokt SP was added, making a total of 6 loads available through 1942 when Remington quit producing civilian ammunition due the war. When production began again in 1946, only two loads were left, the 117gr. Express MC and the 117gr. Core-Lokt SP. In 1957 the MC load was dropped leaving only the Core-Lokt SP. The last Remington catalog to list the .25-35 Win. was 1981.


Thanks again for the great imformation. These Remington mushroom bullets intrest me. I have used a few on game animals in the past and had mixed results. Not knowing the year the 25-35 mushroom ammo I used on the antelope was manufactured, I was curious if they were the standard cup and core design or the Cor-Lokt design. From your excellent reply Ron, I can assume the chances the ammo I shot was probably not the Cor-Lokt as they were only produced for 3 years while the Express Mushroom was produced for 10 years. Again thanks for a great reply as always.


Remchester–You can tell the Express Mushroom from the Core-Lokt Mushroom quite easily. The Express has the conventional Hollow Point hole. The Core-Lokt has a protrusion sticking up in the middle of the hollow point.


Thanks Ron I have seen both but didnt realize that was the difference. Does anyone have Remington litrature they can post on the Express Mushroom?


Remchester–If you have the IAA Archives DVD or a file of the back issues of the IAA Journal, go to Pages 26 & 27 of Issue #386 (Nov.-Dec., 1995) for a nice article on the Express “Train” loads. It shows the bullets and boxes and lists all the Express loads in 1925.