25-35 Winchester


I have several rounds of 25-35 Win ammo made by RP. These are jacketed soft point.

I am not an ammo collector but have accumulated items over the years. I am currently ‘cleaning house’ and would like to know any information about these rounds (dates, any interest to collectors, value?).

I believe that rifles chambered for this round have not been made for a number of years, although I think one was recently released. The rounds I have are old and were obtained many years ago.

Any information would be appreciated.



52m37–Well, first of all “Old” is a relative term. Most collectors would not call these R-P .25-35 WIN headstamped cartridges “Old”. That headstamp was introduced in 1961. Remington last listed it in the 1980 catalog.The .25-35 Win. cartridge itself was introduced by Winchester in 1895 for their Model 94 rifle. No new rifles have been made for this caliber since about 1946 or thereabouts. As to value, the R-P headstamped rounds are a 50 cent cartridge.


This cartridge has been loaded by some European ammo makers such as DWM , S&B ,RWS and Lapua and called 6.5 X 52 R.
In Europe it was used in drillings or single shot rifles and new (handmade) rifles are seldom chambered for this cartridge.

It is still loaded by Sellier & Bellot