25 ACP magazine

Seen on the flea market this morning, a very long magazine I thought at firts glance made to hold 22 long ctges.
But in fact it is a 25 ACP magazine, and it holds 12 rounds !
For which gun is it ??

JP, It is probably Spanish from Eibar in the early 1900s. I think Grande Precision made a 12 shot 6.35mm autopistol on the Browning style and I seem to remember that others in Eibar also produced 12 shot 6.35mm pistols.

Cheers, Lew

Thanks Lew.
On the same table there was a Lecker.
The guy told me it was 25 ACP and shooting full auto.
I checked the output of the barrel it was smaller than 25 ACP.
I ve found only the 25 ACP Lecker on internet.
Do you know if they were made in another caliber?