25 Bacon & Bliss rim-fire cartridge

I am doing some research on the 25 cal. Bacon & Bliss rim-fire cartridge and found very little information on this cartridge, other then weights & measurements in John Barber’s Rimfire book, and a small message in the IAA Journal # 84, page 2 from Roland Koepke on a Winchester Box in this caliber. I also know Remington/UMC produced the caliber as I have a few specimens .

In the book “The American Cartridge” by Charles Suydam, page 64, the early “No. 25 pistol cartridge” became known as the “25 Bacon & Bliss” cartridge and was used in the Bacon, Bliss, Gross Arms Company, Reynolds Company and other pistol companies.

Below is a comparison Left to right: 22 Short, 25 Bacon & Bliss, 25 Stevens Short, 25 Stevens Long:

I still have no idea of when the cartridge “NO.25” or aka “25 Bacon & Bliss” was invented or by whom?
If anyone can add to this information, please do so and thank you in advance for adding information on this cartridge.

So far online, I found a nice PDF from the American Society of Arms Collectors reading that the Bacon Mfg Co. produced only about 125 pocket revolvers for this caliber. (see below PDF)

So far very little on the cartridge itself, inventor, date invented etc…

Below is a link to the PDF on Thomas K. Bacon for you interested
Thank you
David Call