.25 calibre rimfire shotshell

Posting on behalf of a friend.

My friend sent me this photo.

Left- .22LR shotshell
Right- nailgun blank

This mystery cartridge bears an ICI headstamp and appears to contain lead shot when rattled near the ear. It also appears to be .25 calibre

I’m clueless as to what this is. The only .25 calibre rimfire round I know is the .25 Stevens Rimfire but I can’t find any reference to shotshells being produced in this calibre.



It may be a tool blank. I have seen smaller tool blanks with the ICI headstamp before.

In Europe there was an abundance of “rat shot” cartridges made in almost every caliber?? Maybe across the pond manufacturer Head stamp??

Accles & Shelvoke Ltd. of Birmingham, made a .25 cal “CASH” Knocker (humane killer) but the boxes I have hold nickel-plated examples with an “AS” headstamp, (wt is 31.2 gr,) otherwise they appear very similar to your ICI headstamped example.

I would weigh yours to see if it is a shot load vs. a blank / tool / cattle killer…