25 mm NM15

Can anyone help me with this? Norwegian?
What weapon?
My guess is that it is a practice projectile due to the blue paint remains?

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A variation of the “25mm Practice Training Cartridge which is fired from the Mortar Training Sabots. The cartridges were developed by Dynamit-Nobel.”
The paint indicates the type of charge the cartridge held and the range/distance it was intended to be used.

Information from: http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/78920-Subcaliber-projectiles?highlight=subcaliber

I can also add that the projectile do not belong to the case. Blue indicates “Charge 2” and should be loaded in a case with two plain cannelures in the head. On the other hand, a case with a plain head indicates “Charge 0” and should be loaded with a green tip projectile.

Here is a DN diagram showing how the subcaliber works:



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This may help though it is showing a slightly modified variant (presumably the current version).

Source: RUAG website.


And here the more common (first type) design which is wider spread.

Source: DAG document (undisclosed)

And here the cartridge:


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Thanks for the help everyone,the picture from EOD finally made me understand the use for this…i think (O:
Is this dropped into the mortar,and the primer in the "shotgunshell"is fired by the weight of it?
And then the 25mm projectile is launched off,while the rest of it just "poppes"out?

Exactly this is the intended function.

This is my 25mm which is different Headstamp.
Yellow nose seems to be a charge 1.
The base has two grooves rather than the cross grooves.


Ron, yellow is “Charge 1” and a case with 1 groove is correct for this color.

  • Green + without grooves = Charge 0, max. range 255 m.
  • Yellow + 1 groove = Charge 1, max. range 330 m.
  • Blue + 2 grooves = Charge 2, max. range 405 m.
  • Red + 3 grooves = Charge 3, max. range 505 m.

(*) Maximum range data changed over the years.



Here is a picture showing several variants in green, yellow, blue and red (two with different projectiles), and also a blank. All are headstamped 25 mm DAG with a primer marked with a raised D A G. All projectiles are marked DAG.

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Thanks Fede for the info and great photo.
I cannot see any case grooves in this photo.
Where are the 3 case grooves on the red charge 3 ?
I see these have the longer fins. Ron.

Here is another shot where the grooves can be seen more clearly:

I understand now. I was looking at the case body not the base. Thanks.

Can I ask wich countries that used/uses these?

Owl, there is plenty of NATO and non-NATO users.
Those quickly coming to mind are Norway (the initial ID request here) and Canada.

As for mortar subcalibers there are two competing systems, the DAG 25mm (discussed here) and the 22mm NICO (today Rheinmetall). The latter being the more popular in my view.
There is also the 30mm Losfeld from France but here I do not see as many users (right now recall France only but there should be some more as France was always an eager seller of Arms).
Also there is a US 25mm system which seemingly never went further than the US itself (to my limited knowledge). The Yugoslavs also made a 30mm system which also saw some limited distribution with the arms they have sold around the globe (hard to tell who bought them).

The ones in my pictures were used by Argentina, but we also had the 30 mm Losfeld, two different variant of the 25 mm made in the US and the Spanish ECIA, that to my knowledge is the only one still in service.

Fede, intersting. Do you have images of the ECIA system?