.25 Stevens, Magazine

The 1909 UMC catalog has a listing for the .25 Stevens, Magazine. This was first listed in either 1907 or 1908. I do not have these two catalogs, but it is not listed in the 1906 catalog. It is last listed in the 1911-12 Combined Retail catalog for Remington-UMC. These were all Black Powder listings. The 1913-14 Combined catalog does not list it, but does have a note saying “.25 Stevens “Lesmok” Powder Cartridge is now adapted to both single shot and magazine rifles”. The drawing in the catalog shows this cartridge with a knerled cannelure on the cartridge case and one on the bullet just above the casemouth. The standard .25 Stevens has neither.

Does anyone have a box for this round? What is the index number (found only on the Remington-UMC boxes) for this and the standard .25 Stevens?