25 x 163 Hochkiss

I found this 25 mm Hochkiss yesterday in a local gun show : no primer, no powder but an original bullet crimp.

The head stamp is not french, could it be japanese ?

Thank for your help.


Chassepot, your’s should be a 25x164 for the AA gun. It seems you mixed up the case lengths with the AT gun case.
As Japan did not use this projectile design I assume this one to be French. The hs is quite unusual and also the AP load is seldomly encountered on this caliber/case as it was used normally with HE variants.
The AP projectile you have here was common with the long 25x193R AT gun case.

So you got here an unusual load with an unusual headstamp and all this as an inert cartridge which could be a factory dummy. Congratulations!

EOD, thank you for your reply, I corrected the title.

japaneseammunition.com/start … ub_cat=176