.250 HP, .250 Savage, .250-3000 Savage

Are the .250 HP, .250 Savage, .250-3000 Savage all the same cartridges? Wikipedia lists them all as the same cartridge (and we all know Wikipedia is never wrong…).

Yes they are the same. Check out cartridgecollector.net some info but a pic of cartridge and headstamps.

The .250 Savage was designed by wildcatter/cartridge designer Charles Newton for the Savage Model 99 Rifle, about 1913~1915. It was at the time an extremely high velocity small bore cartridge.
Newton designed it with an .257", 87 grain bullet, with the intent of breaking the 3000 FPS limit, naming it the .250-3000, but Arthur Savage though a 100 grain bullet would be more suitable for whitetail deer, so the initial offering, I believe, was the ‘.250 Savage High Power’, (though I may remember that wrong…).
It was not efffective, as the small fast bullet often woulded but did not kill deer, even with proper shot placement. There were also stories of burnt out bores, but…???
IF they had marketed it as a small game rifle, it would have gone gangbusters!!
The introduction of the .243 Winchester [1954?] effectively killed the .250 Savage.
BTW- The .250 necked down became the .22-250, still a popular varmint cartridge.

Thanks BadgerJack. Interesting about the .22-250. My dad used to have one of those but I never new where the “250” came from! It is always interesting when a wildcat becomes more popular than the parent cartridge.

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