.250 Sav Wildcats


I have just received 2 rds from Austraila, B & D in the picture. They both have the NORMA Re 250 Sav. Headstamp. Any ideas on what wildcats they are ?
B is the 250 Sav case necked down to .223 Bullet and D is virtualy a straight case with a .243 bullet.

Could D be a variation of the 6mm International ?



“B” is the 250 Savage necked to 22 caliber aka the 22 Varminter or 22-250.

“D” is 6x250 with a 30 or 35 degree shoulder and is one of several similar, if not identical wildcats known by various names. Amongst us long range benchrest shooters it is like a belly button - everbody has one. You could say it is one version of the 6mm International.

“A” is the 6mm Walker International. Some call it the 6mm Remington International.



Thankyou very much.