250 Winchester question

I am asking this on behalf of a hunter friend. He has a 250 Win bolt rifle and he wants to know if one may fire a different smaller less powerful calibre from that gun. I think the answer is “no”. But then I remembered threads which were showing old adapters which allowed firing of smaller calibres. Are those still on the market?


I assume that “250” means the 250-3000 Savage?? If so, then the answer is no and yes. There are no less powerful cartridges that can be fired in that rifle and he can use one of the adapters.

I can tell you from personal experience that using the adapters soon becomes a PITA, may require major adjustment of the sights, and is not a whole lot cheaper in the long run. A better solution would be to find a friend that you can trust to handload some mild plinking loads. I emphasize the word trust because I ordinarily would not recommend shooting someone else’s handloads.