.256 Fraser h/s


I was recently at a friends place and he had a 5 round clip that had come out of a box labelled .256 Fraser. All 5 cartridges were loaded the same and 3 of them had the usual Greek military headstamps of the 6.4x54 Mannlicher. The other 2 cartridges had an Eley headstamp I hadnt seen previously, the one in the photo has a primer ring crimp but the other didnt.
Is this headstamp unusual? What do the “SR” and “E” stand for?


I think that Sr- stands for “Schoenauer” … in fact the 256 Fraser is the British name for the 6.5 x 54 Greek AKA 6.5 x 54 Mannlicher Schoenauer such as the 9.5 x 57 Mann Schoe. is called 375 Rimless NE 2 1/4" in england


Cheers for that.
Anybody else?


I thought you were a military collector! shame on you


Since the name usually given the rifles is “Mannlicher-Schoenauer,” with the “Schoenauer” second, it is possible from the location of the “SR” on the headstamp that it stands for “Steyr,” as in “Steyr-Mannlicher.” I am not sure of that, but the order of the headstamp would seem to make it more likely.

Exactly in line with my comments on deciphering headstamps on cartridges, that I put on another thread here today.
The abbreviations and letter combinations can drive you nuts!