.256 Newton


I have what appears to be a .270 Winchester.(EDIT: IT IS A .256 NEWTON, NOT .270 WIN.) It has, as can be seen in the photo, a small lead bullet which appears to have been coated at sometime in the past with red wax or paint, most of which is now gone. This is not a round ball, but rather is an almost flat nose with stright sides bullet and is held in with a slight rolled crimp. It has a very flat head with no headstamp. The primer is a flat copper with an “U”, no primer crimp. Anyone have any idea what it is?


Ron, it looks like a 6.5mm Swedish Mauser short range gallery KP+r M12 in the UK known as 6.5mm Reduced load L11A1.

Some diamensions of the one I have;
OAL of case 2.15
Neck dia .0294
Rim dia .0483
Bullet dia 2.66

hope that is of use


Ron…the case of this cartridge might be a pre-production sample. Made by UMC or REM-UMC, although UMC and Remington were merged in 1911 and the .270 made its appearance in 1925. And Remington got away from using monogrammed primers around 1920 or so. Of course you have measured this carefully, BUT…is it possible this is a .256 Newton??..Just guessing…as this would put the case in the right era for the primer, and is very similar to the .270 Win. Anyway, during years and years of UMC collecting, I saw and had many cases like this, in various calibers, always with no headstamp and primer with U monogram. In fact, I believe I still have a 25 Auto like this. As to the “funny” bullet…??? Randy