256 Win Mag

I have a cartridge that I thought was a 256 Win Mag made from a 357 case until I put it along side a 256 win mag cartridge.
I measeured the cartridge and bullet. Cartridge measures as a 256 win mag.
Rim, base,and shoulder are correct, but not the bullet.
The bullet ( which I pulled ) measeures .308-.309 and weighs 116 gr.
FN gm jkt.
The headstamp on cartridge is W.R.A. S.&W.357 MAG. CN pr andCN case.
What would this wildcat be called?
Anyone seen this one before?
Bob R.

It would be called a .30/357. Ackley showed two different versions in his second volume. They differed in shoulder height.

Bob R

There are actually quite a few different wildcats kicking around. I also have one made from 222 Rimmed brass (shortened), and there’s a factory cartridge called the 30-357 AET. I got mine from Pivi, he can probably tell you more about it.

And some made from 38 Special brass also.

It’s one of those wildcats that is re-invented every few years as younger shooters try to come up with something that has never been done before.

Wasn’t there a thread on the Forum some time back that discussed these? Started by Guy the old ammo guy?


Here it is

iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … =357+lapua