.25ACP Expanding Point


Winchester .25ACP Expanding Point, 45gr, product # X25AXP. Has a single #4 steel shot pellet embedded in tip of nose.


It is interesting that there are 4 different cavity styles behind the steel shot.

Did all the cartridges have the same headstamp (what was it???)?

Are all four cartridges from the same box?

From the websites, this looks like current production? Is it made in other calibers. I tried a couple of searches and didn’t come-up with anything.

There is/was a company CPECO (Controlled Projectile Expansion Company) that made ammunition in 9mm in the 1970s with a steel ball in the tip. A box label is known that referrences a US Patent 3,866,536 dated 1975. This Winchester bullet looks similar. The patent references the earlier Hoxie bullet.

Thanks for the cutaway-always interesting.




Lew - Winchester only offered this loading in .25 auto, to my knowledge. The rest of the bullet, other than the “ball” is copper-washed lead.


Lovely sections and always appreciated. My question rather cynically I suppose it given that the .25 auto is sub .22 how has it managed to last as long as it clearly has? I am not as opposed to the .22 as many probably would be. but a .22 with 12 or more in the mag and the options of HV and stingers how can anyone settle on a .25 auto?.


What made you suspect there was more than one cavity style. Did you just cut several and accidentally find them?


Vince, you need to be sure that you’re comparing like with like. .25 ACP ballistics are usually given from very short barrels because that’s all they’re used in. .22 LR ballistics are usually quoted from significantly longer barrels.


These are not from the same source. Gathered over a year from several different locations. However thats probably not what you are seeing, the lead was extremely soft and with such small projectiles, had lots of trouble cutting these. The depths of each one is different which made the cavitiies look deeper/ larger than the others. I try to cut in pairs, this time double pairs (4) as a couple have to go back to owners. Pairs so to split the powder evenly and not have the other half lying around.
Very little info out on web about these, could only find report from Firearms Tactical Institute that states it penetrates 1.2 cm deeper in denim covered gelatin rather than just bare gelatin.
Headstamp: WIN/ 25 AUTO
Thanks for looking and all the postive comments!


When these came out in the early 1980s there was a some speculation that it might make the .25 ACP more effective and it was a good seller. I heard of a shooting in a nearby state where some 14 rounds were expended in a domestic shooting.