25ACP hs

I recently obtained a lot of ammo. Among it was a 25 ACP CN bt hs three segments at 12, 4:30 and 7:30 and script E at 10:30, backwards C at 1:30 and 18 at 6 o’clock. Who made this?

Could we see it? Eley?

Bob Ruebel’s the expert on these, but it seems German WWI to me.
Would it look like this: E / C / 18 /

John Moss is the expert. Please post a picture of headstamp if possible. From what you describe I would say you have a WWI German Military Headstamp.
I have three different ones in 6.35/25 acp
I so not know if there are more dates than this.
All of mine have a flat brass primer. Some dates have cncs blts. and some have cn fmj.
The characters all face out from the primer. Look closely at the E you describe, it is probably a 5.
C is for Cassel Arsenal -Cassel, Germany.
Hopefully John will weigh in on this.
Bob R.

Thank you for the info. On examination one case had a 3 and the other 5 in thr hs.

Bob - No need for me to come in on this. You answered it perfectly. I don’t collect dates, so can’t really add to the months it was made in, but it is from Cassel, as you said. I have heard that in the German Army, Doctors, Dentists and Vetinarians were authorized to carry 6.35m/m pistols (perhaps others as well) and these rounds were likely made for them. Can’t think of much other reason for military .25 auto caliber ammunition at that time and place. Maybe on of the German collectors has more information as to the “why” of it?