25mm APFSDS experimentals


DS cloud comment was related to me in person. His field is the airframe, stresses on the aircraft induced by firing, repair techniques, etc. He had several first hand accounts about the early days of cannon mounted aircraft, trials, what worked, what didn’t, etc. Ejected casings pounding the underside of the aircraft in the slipstream, the lovingly applied paint scheme of some aircraft and the damage after the sabot firings, etc. Stuff like that.


POINT BEING; DS rounds were TESTED extensively by U.S. and the Germans and other countries for aircraft use. Some early Jet aircraft actually shot itself down by running into its own ammunition. All of these designs were TESTED on the way to developing type classified ammunition for ISSUE.


I should have added that these 25mm rounds were most likely fired in the M242 “Bushmaster” chain gun we had in the LAV-25 armored vehicles back then. Surprisingly, many of these sabot pieces were in very good condition. Some were also bent “bananna like” and many had scuffs and scrapes from impacting the ground/dirt. We had HEI and APDS rounds in service then and the M-919(?) APFSDS was just coming into service. I don’t know how long these sabot pieces were laying there before being picked up.



The Hughes M242 chaingun is used on helos as well. The LAV certainly makes sense in the situation.


In case anyone is interested, I took a picture of a 25 MM M910 TPDS-T ammo box.