25x137 "ALR Cinetique" by NEXTER

I just came across the image below where accidentally a 25x137 round made it into the picture.

By now I know that it is designated “ALR Cinetique” - some sort of “kinetic” cartridge.
Maybe something for driving or propelling or for creating some sort of kinetic impulse.

The latest NEXTER catalog (2016) is not containing this one.

Anybody to say more?

Image is from the web.

there a better picture of this


it the same type than 40x46 “sponge” rounds for riot control

but i nevers see an autocannon for riot control !!!

Ammogun, thanks for the better image.
Exactly my thought.
Well, there is 40x53SR LTL rounds if I remember correctly - at least they were developed.
But a 25mm would not make much sense in my view. Besides the gun hardly being usable in automatic mode then.

i suppose that LTL rounds are “sponge” rounds ?
but at the same as this 25x137 i don’t know the utility because these projectiles cannot be fired with regular charge of powder
it the same “history” for 40x53Sr that are high velocity rounds

LTL are nto neccessarily “sponge” projectiles as they can be batons, bean bags, rubber balls and others.

The 40x53SR had a telescopinig case to make sure the gun will work full auto.
Remotely it was something like the Speer “Force on Force” paint markers, just larger and not with paint.

I remember discussing this one with a Nexter rep when it appeared on their stand at Eurosatory a couple or so years ago.

I had the impression that it wasn’t entirely serious… more of a discussion point!

Tony, having a gun with these rounds sure gives you a better position in “discussions”. :-)

hahahaha RIOT CONTROL with a 25x137 bushmaster in a Bradley.

@ammogun The bushmaster is a chaingun. You wouldn’t have to worry about low powder charge to function the gun, much like you can simply run dummies through it.

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i know the fonctionnement of a chaingun
i would say “full” podwer charge for riot control would be very hurt!!!
even with a less letal projectile

for EOD i would mean “less than letal” and not “sponge” only

Not all guns in 25x137 are the M242, means cycling could be still an issue.

Yup, my bad. I should have explicitly said something to that effect.

If it were filled with orange chalk/dye, then it would make sense as a training rd to shoot derelict armor on the cross-country ranges they practice on with tracked APC’s and such. It would want to be somewhat ballistically matched to the normal AP rds, out to 500 - 1000 meters anyway for that to make sense though.

Matt these do exist already, just without paint.