25x137 Oe Dummy

I found this Dummy 25mm Oe and considered it to be a fake stamped USA Dummy? It looks like a M794 Dummy that has had lots of use. The extractor groove and drive-band have been trimmed? and the case and projectile stamped.

Arrow 25MM PR stamped on base. 25MM PR on projectile and painted red with dark varnish. The projectile is flat-tipped and not the usual cone shape.
All comments are welcome. Is it an armourer item or some fake stamped item?
I need some opinions before I throw it out as a fake/altered dummy cartridge.

At least the case was correded heavily and got repainted in a semi-professional way…
The projectile also looks like repainted.

Looks fake and too late for an arrow in the headstamp.
PR cannot mean practice? It is a dummy.
Letters look a bit out of line and hand stamped. I am not happy with it.

broadarrow stamp also looks a little wonkey