25x194R Hotchkiss



I was wondering if you someone can help me to indentify the shell I got here. Shamefully I can not make an Picture of it and upload it. It is about 30cm in hight.

The stamp is saying the following,

Top: CN
Right: 40
Down: LM
Right: 1

Inside it is saying

M.G.M. (I belive might be an factory in france)

However under the stamp with is clearly spoted there is some other stamp, seems to be inkt saying the following. Hard to read to might be missing some parts

  • = not readable

H 25-4 - 39 - ** -CN - ** - 30 -3 - **

Not sure if what is noted down is correct.

I was told it might have been from an plane. I was wondering if anyone know what the codes mean and what it was used for. Any help is greatly appreciated.


The key figures which you need to post are:

  • the exact inside diameter at the mouth of the case
  • the exact diameter of the rim at the base
  • the exact length of the case

It would then be much easier to provide an ID.

You may then be able to locate it on the Ammunition Data Tables and/or Ammunition Photo Gallery on my website.



I made this. I looked trough the pictures and It looks more like tank ammo then from an plane howevrer I’m not sure. I will make an photo tommorow.

Picture is in centimeters btw,


That looks good!

What you have seems to be a 25x194R Hotchkiss AFV/anti-tank gun round, as used by France (and the UK) in the run-up to WW2. It’s shown in this pic (from the Ammunition Photo Gallery on my website):


Click on “Search” at the top of the page and search for “25 x 194R” for another thead with a lot more information on this round.


“CN” is Atelier Mecanique du Normande, France, the loading facility and LM is Atelier de Construction du Mans, Le Mans, France the metal supplier for the case. “40” 1940 and “1” is 1st Quarter


Hmm, I’m not sure. The top seems to be longer then the one on the picture, but the might just look like it. Will make an picture tommorow morning when I can find the time to do so.


A very classical 25x193 R Hotchkiss antitank pre WWII round. Nothing to add except the explanation for MGM on primer: this goes for MANUFACTURE GENERALE DE MUNITIONS, in Bourg-les-Valence, who made almost all this kind of primers (of course, nothing to see with Metro Goldwyn Mayer!)