25x218R UOZR-132 rounds for M40 AA gun

Hi all,
Im currently researching on Eastern Bloc ammunition and curious on 25x218mm (UORZ-132 rounds for 25mm naval gun 72K in that I could not find right now the active manufacturer of it. If anyone know and have information about it, please let me know! thanks!

I will assume that it stopped to equip in the late 1990’s, as obsolete. Here are a couple of links, if it helps:


Examples of deactivated 25x218mm ammunition for sale, only in the Czech Republic :-(




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AZOV and Brian, the round Mrivanoa referrs to is the 25x218R M40.

And since 1945 there is no “active” manufacturer for these anymore - at least in Russia.
Yugoslavia was refurbisihing ammunition for several decades and it might be they made some projectiles to reload cases but I have no definitive proof for this.

There is a possibility that Romania could also have made cases or even some cartridges but if so I assume it was only very limited.

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As far as I know, the only current manufacturer of 25x218/219R cases is Plopleni (UMP) in Romania. They have been offering them in steel and brass for the last 10 years or so.



Fede, is that a real offer or just the reuse of old images for their commercial pamphlets?

Alex, it is a real offering but I don’t know when these cases were manufactured.

I assume it is offered as they still have the tooling in stock. I do not know of any active user and the last ones I noticed were Yugoslavia (civil war) and Albania till the fall of the communist regime.
So both almost 30 years back.

were can i get one of these at

Which one exactly?