25x94R Nordenfelt 1 inch projectile

I dug this one out of a bin, and Danny Dietz (luckily present next to me) told me it was Nordenfelt. Any other information?

Yes, Looks like a one inch nordenfelt

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A.P. & and an extra 5 letters because I can’t do a simple reply on this bloody post to just reply

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The cartridge this projectile belongs to is the 25x94R, as shown below:

A couple more pics showing the ammo, and a two-barrel version of the gun (four-barrel also made) at an ECRA display (from Martin Golland):

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And a view of a four-barrel gun stuck in a stairwell of the old Ordnance Museum at APG, Maryland.1%20In%20Nordenfeldt


Maybe of help:


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