26.5mm Flare Cartridge Case

At a local gun show last weekend, I was shown what appeared to be a 26.5mm flare fired cartridge case which had me confused and not only because I know nothing about flare cartridges! Regrettable I did not have my camera or calipers with me.

The case was brass, exactly 100mm long and had an undercut rim. The head was flat (unlike some German flare cartridges I have seen where the rim has a wide bevel). The rim was not as broad as normal flare cartridges and fitted various French flare/signaling pistols (the guy had a great display of flare pistols), which require a case with a rim diameter less than the “normal” German-type cartridges. The headstamp was “W.A. 1” at 12 o’clock and “Br. 1 35” at 6 o’clock. On the latter, the “1” could be an “I” as there was no “foot” to the letter.

Can anyone identify this case (is it a flare case) and interpret the headstamp please?

Try this link:

Thanks “Gregory”. Nice website - pity it doesn’t show a .450 with a Polish headstamp !!!
What is the interpretation of the letters “WA” and “Br” ?

Chris P.

Hi Chris!

W. A . 1 is for Wytwornia Amunicja Nr 1, a military establishment close to Warsaw, active before WW II.

Br is unknown at the present date.