26.5mm Flare Cartridge IDs Needed

Just added the following two 26.5mm flares to my collection:

51-10-81-203” – on three lines
OAL is 82mm (about 3.25 inches)
primer appears to be 209 type with copper colored center surrounded by brass cup and clear lacquered, case is aluminum, case mouth closure is inset about 2mm and is painted yellow with a 10mm bar shaped raised area in the center, there is no headstamp on this round

3-Stern Grun
4-5-86-203” – on three lines

Case head and primer are as above but lacquer is green tinted, OAL is 104mm (about 4.06"), case mouth closure is same format as above but is not painted and has three L shaped “arrows” raised on closure

I’m thinking that these are both East German in origin.

Any one know more about these? Thanks in advance…Mark

First one is a single yellow star…

Second one is a three star green flare…

Sounds like East German, as you said…