26.5MM flares

Here’s a recently acquired assortment of flares. Not sure of country of origin. Looks kinda Czech. I’m sure someone can enlighten me.
HS = IrV (or maybe an upside down L vs r). and 2 year date codes of 76, 77, 86, 92, 94.
These haven’t been available in any quantity for about 10 years. Seems a big shipment has made it to the States. Can finally make some noise and light and smoke with another one of my “collections”. Sadly, it’s about $4 per pop. Oh well.





Full boxes and even wooden crates of these czech flares have been available in quantity in the West from the end of the communist rule in this country.

The lettric (german WWI style)irv code is for a firm named ZEVETA, still in existence to-day

They make flares, and also handgrenades and other kind of explosive material.

We tested some of the irv flares two or three years ago, they do function very well!

The second flare pistol illustrated is from DDR, the first one is the local copy of the standard russian model. Holsters do not correspond to czech rounds either.


The flares are Czech… a bunch were imported into the US a few years ago… they work great.

As for flare guns… without seeing markings…

1st one is either Russian or Polish.
2nd is either German or Polish.
3rd not sure (looks german).

In the USA can anyone buy flarge guns and ammunition without any sort of permit? I have seen moden 12 Gauge ones for sale for $35 along with three rounds in fishing shops in Florida for use on boats.

In The UK they are a “Section 1” firearm, meaning you can inly posess them if you have a good reason eg. you own an offshore fishing boat or they are required for somewhere such as an airfield control tower for emergencies. Even pen flares and handheld flares are illegal here.

Falcon–I don’t now about the flare guns, but there is NO restriction in most states on the flare cartridges. They are sold at most of the gun shows.

There are no restrictions as on the purchase of the flare guns. Unless, of course, you reside in one the more restrictive states like MA, CA, IL and a couple of others. Flares are unrestricted except for the HAZMAT shipping fee attached, which increases the unit cost a bit. BUT, if you buy more than a box or two, the fee is spread out over a larger quantity, thus saving money per round. At least, that’s what I tell my wife. With 4 or 5 exceptions, all of my flare guns have been purchased from catalogs or the internet and sent along with any other items I had to have. This is a great country, with the above mentioned exceptions.

And here’s one of the OLIN samples, in 12Ga, that is probably what FALCON references. It’s the orange one on the left. Plastic. Not near as neat as the “REAL” ones.

Rick, that’s the one alright.